Trey Lewis’ Viral “D*cked Down In Dallas” Might Be Your New Favorite Break Up Song

The number one song in the world ladies and gentleman…

No, it’s not BTS or Justin Bieber, it’s not Megan Thee Stallion or even Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” right now… it’s a relatively unknown country singer named Trey Lewis.

Initially popping off on TikTok, Trey’s viral break up anthem “Dicked Down In Dallas” was finally released today and immediately shot up to the number one song on Apple Music.

And while the chorus of the song might give you a bit of a laugh, or even an unfortunate sense of relatability for all you broken hearts out there, it’s actually pretty damn catchy. It’s giving me early 2000s Chris Cagle vibes.

If you’re not already familiar, here’s a little taste of the chorus:

“She’s gettin dicked down in Dallas
Railed out in Raleigh
Tag teamed up in Tennessee
Analed in Austin, buttf*cked in Boston
Givin’ neck down in New Orleans
Puttin’ me through hell, f*ckin’ someone else
Now I’m the one on my knees, prayin’ she’ll come back
Gimmе that sweet ass, but I already know that she’s
Gettin’ dickеd down in Dallas.”


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A beer bottle on a dock