Comedian Releases Wendy’s-Inspired Tyler Childers Parody, “Shake The Frosty”

West Virginia comedian Nate Cesco is back with another stellar Tyler Childers parody.

His first parody performance was a new version of “Universal Sound,” with a drunken Disney movie spin. And as it turns out, Tyler has actually seen it himself.

“This first parody “Inside Out” (‘Universal Sound”) was performed at a comedy show in Huntington, West Virginia, that Tyler frequently played at years before becoming a mainstream success (Black Sheep Burrito & Brews).

He has watched the live version, but as I was shooting sketches for this new project I decided to throw on a fake red beard and bring out the old parodies as well.”

And now, he’s back in a new frosty-inspired take on the Tyler Childers fan favorite, “Shake The Frost.”

As the story goes, back when Tyler was allegedly in the jingle game, he worked up this little ditty for Wendy’s… and the rest is history.

“Inside Out (Universal Sound Parody)”

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock