Comedian Releases Tyler Childers “Universal Sound” Parody About Getting “F*cked Up And Watching Disney Movies”

If you think you know what Tyler’s music is all about, guess again.

It’s been widely reported and even express directly by Tyler himself that “Universal Sound” is about meditating, but comedian Nate Cesco has another theory.

“Even the song ‘Universal Sound,’ a lot people thought it’s a little odd to write a country song about transcendental meditation, but that’s not what that song was originally about. I wrote that song after doing the great Appalachian tradition of getting real fucked up and watching a bunch of Disney movies. So this is the original version of ‘Universal Sound.’ It’s called ‘Inside Out.'”

Here’s a little backstory on the parody:

“This first parody “Inside Out” (‘Universal Sound”) was performed at a comedy show in Huntington, West Virginia, that Tyler frequently played at years before becoming a mainstream success (Black Sheep Burrito & Brews). He has watched the live version, but as I was shooting sketches for this new project I decided to throw on a fake red beard and bring out the old parodies as well.”

The wig, red goatee and the blue flannel are just the icing on the cake.

Not to mention, Tyler has seen this performed live so you imagine he must’ve had a laugh with it as well.

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