I Need Eric Church to Release an Entire Behind-the-Scenes Documentary on the Making of “Heart & Soul”

Eric Church in a suit and hat

I don’t know that I’ve ever been as excited for an Eric Church album as I am for his upcoming triple-release, “Heart & Soul.”

Eric has taken us behind the scenes into the making of the albums, a process that included moving his entire crew to the mountains of North Carolina and turning an old restaurant in a recording studio while writing and recording a song a day for 28 days.

“This time I wanted to make people really uncomfortable. We sequestered ourselves in the mountains of North Carolina, a place I’ve been many times. There’s a place called Artisinal and everything’s wood and I said to my wife, wow this would be a great studio.

So we descend on this restaurant, it’s not very big, and we’re still using it as a restaurant, it’s what we fed people. To see [producer Jay Joyce] react to that, I think that put him back where he started. he’s not comfortable at all and  he’s just trying to go, ‘how do I make this album in this place.’”

Tell me that doesn’t sound like a hell of a good time.

And luckily for us fans, it seems like much of the magic was also caught on video.

Eric has already released a 4-minute video on the making of the album, as well as several behind-the-scenes studio videos for the songs that he’s already dropped.

So here’s my question for Eric: What are you going to do with the rest of the footage?

I think I can safely speak for the rest of the Church choir when I say I think I have the answer: A full-length documentary.

Show us the process from start to finish. From moving the equipment into the restaurant to hitting stop on the final song (and everything in between – because you know that’s where the good stuff is going to be).

We already know the footage is there, because we’ve been getting a slow drip of behind-the-scenes stuff since the project was first teased. Just package it all together into one big video and send it to your fans. Show us the method behind the madness, all the fascinating stuff that went into what seems to be the highlight of a career already filled with more highlights than most artists will ever see.

I mean, you have Eric and the whole band and production staff (not to mention his killer backup singer Joanna Cotten) sequestered off in the mountains of North Carolina making music for 28 days. What Eric Church fan wouldn’t want to see that? Just shut up and take my money, Eric.

So is there already a petition out there to get Eric and the gang to put together a full-length documentary with all the footage they shot?

If not, consider this my official request.

Hell, you can use this video as the trailer.

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