Runaway Cow Goes Bezerk, Attacks Patients After Randomly Wandering Into Hospital Waiting Room

Welp, you don’t see that every day…

According to the New York Post, a rogue cow wandered into the waiting room of Hospital San Rafael in Antioquia, Colombia, recently. And while a runaway cow is usually nothing worry about, this one went absolutely BONKERS.

Mowing down people, tearing up the waiting room… all hell broke loose.

Within a matter of seconds a group of hospital guests were bottle-necked into a corner with the mad cow charging forward, ramming the group of people with its head. Battered and bruised, most of the people managed to escape as a group of guys tried to wrangle the thing out of the hospital.

Believe it or not, nobody was actually hurt save for a few bumps and bruises… even the lady pinned down in the corner for most of the video. Imagine walking into the hospital for a bad sore throat and leaving with a broken leg because some cow railroaded you in the waiting room. How about that one for a wild story? And to be fair, a hospital isn’t the worst place to get attacked by a cow.

The owner of the cow however, he came back to the hospital to apologize, check in on any injuries, and inquire about the damage.

Standup guy, eh?

His cow? Not so much…

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