Brandi Carlile Releases Dark Twist On John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads”

Alysse Gafkjen

“Country Roads” like you’ve never heard it before.

We’ve all heard John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads” a zillion times. We’ve heard John sing it, tons of country stars sing it during the Forever Country project, hell, we’ve even seen streamers in South Korea go viral performing it.

But leave it to the great Brandi Carlile to take a timeless classic, turn it on its head, and reimagine it into something awesome.

Her version is downright eerie, and that would make sense… it’s being used in the trailer for new CBS thriller Clarice. Set to premiere on February 11th, the new psychological-horror series is based on the cannibalistic serial killer story, The Silence Of The Lambs.

Check out the Clarice trailer below.

Set one year after the events of The Silence of the Lambs, join Agent Clarice Starling in this new psychological thriller that takes a deep dive into her untold personal story. The series will bring you along as she returns to the field in pursuit of serial murderers and sexual predators while navigating the high stakes political world of Washington, D.C.

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