Drew Parker’s “House Band” Is A Stone Cold Country Heartbreaker

Jason Myers

Why does listening to sad songs when you’re sad make you sadder, and yet, getting sadder somehow makes you feel better? If you know, you know…

And while I don’t have an answer to explain that phenomenon, I do have a song for those lonely nights…

Drew Parker put out an EP towards the end of last year that included fan favorites “While You’re Gone” and “Party In The Back”, and while they deserve the attention they got, I’m shocked the final song on the release didn’t get more traction.

“House Band” was recorded as a live studio performance and put on the record as is. It’s a classic story of drinking alone after a heartbreak, but with a twist. Drew wrote a crafty play on the typical scenes of being home alone or out at a dive bar, putting them together in a very unique and specific way, the word-dynamics playing very well with each other.

Take a look at the chorus:

“I got a front row seat to a sad old song
But ain’t choking on smoke in some honkytonk
Got an ice-cold beer and a few regrets
And a whole lot of hurt I ain’t got to yet
Cause she’s gone and I’m all alone
Here listening to the sound of goodbye
While I’m sitting here wishing she was on her way back
But she ain’t, so here I am
With this damn house band.”

Even if you’re not in that situation, you can sure imagine what it would feel like.

Drew is fresh off a record deal with Warner Music Nashville, so I’m looking forward to some big moves for him soon.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock