Cody Jinks Performs His All-Time Favorite Alan Jackson Song, “Between The Devil & Me”

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Every night should be Alan Jackson.

Last night the good folks at Sequestered Songwriters tipped their caps to the great Alan Jackson with a whole mess of great acoustic covers. We saw performances from Jamie Lin Wilson, Courtney Patton, Trey Hensley and more, but kicking things off was the very talented Cody Jinks.

Performing his favorite Alan Jackson song, Cody delivered a knockout acoustic version of “Between The Devil & Me” from Alan’s 1996 Everything I Love record. Written by Harley Allen and Carson Chamberlain, it was the fifth single from that record, released the following year in 1997.

“This is my favorite Alan Jackson song and it’s very, very hard to sing so if my voice cracks… hey man, it’s live, we’re doin’ this. It’s a song called ‘Between The Devil And Me,” it’s a song about me and my wife.”

What a song choice… if you didn’t know any better, you’d think it was a song that Cody wrote himself. Temptation, sin, redemption, the line between right and wrong, love and marriage… all subjects that Cody has written about in his own music time and time again.

And while I’m thoroughly convinced Cody can sing the hell out of just about anything, he does Alan Jackson like nobody’s business.

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Posted by Sequestered Songwriters on Monday, February 1, 2021

Hot damn.

And how about the original from ol’ Alan himself.

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