Does Luke Combs Make Breaking Up Awesome?

A man holding money

Heartbreak and country songs… they go together like George Jones and not showing up for work. The perfect combination.

A solemn guitar riff accompanied with slow, deep lyrics are the cornerstones to a textbook depressing country song. Unless of course you’re Mr. Luke Combs, who has shattered this traditional mold and made the country break up song about as awesome as noise canceling headphones at a Florida Georgia Line concert. Luke has flipped this standard recipe on its head and combined upbeat tempos, rip roaring guitar solos and legendary drinking stories to fix a broken heart.

For example “When It Rains It Pours.”

Instead of feeling sorry for himself and making promises to start doing crunches again like the rest of us would have, Luke goes on a three-week bender and accrues the following: $100 bucks, a full tank of gas, 24 Miller Lites, a 4 day 3-night vacation, a gently used 4-wheeler, three rounds of golf, a phone number from a Hooter’s waitress and hearty zero in the number of ex future mother-in-laws.

Not a bad haul, eh?

And “Cold As You” proves that crankin’ Willie Nelson and crushing Wobbly Pops in the local dive bar cures just about anything. Luke’s buddies at Appalachian State must have known they would be skipping class for the next week and a half following a breakup.

After years of dedicated research, it appears the Dr. Combs has found the cure for a broken heart: 12-ounce curls. High repetition, low weight. Repeat as necessary.

“Ah beer. The cause of and the solution to all life’s problems.”

-Homer Simpson

“Ah beer. The solution to all of life’s problems.”

-Luke Combs (probably)

Cue the “Beer Never Broke My Heart”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock