Eric Church’s Most Underappreciated Single: “His Kind Of Money (My Kind of Love)”

With a brand new TRIPLE ALBUM on the way, and just because Eric Church is a living, breathing, country music icon, let’s take a look back at one of his songs that is extremely underrated (and there’s a lot of them). We’re talking about…

“His Kind of Money (My Kind of Love).”

“His Kind Of Money (My Kind Of Love)” was officially released as a single way back in 2008, ahead of his sophomore Carolina album in 2009. Stalling on the radio, it became a bonus track on Carolina and was later released on his lesser-known Caldwell County EP in 2011. If you’ve never heard it, it’s one of Eric’s most underrated tracks, a fan favorite at the live show, and a personal favorite of mine as well.

The song is a story as old as time: the girl is currently with some rich guy who can give her everything she’s ever wanted in terms of material items, but he will never be able to love her like Eric does. Sure, he may have all the money in the world, but will that keep you warm at night? And, to make his point crystal clear, Eric asks all the right questions:

“Yeah, who’s gonna kiss you good night? Make it last all night long? Yeah, who’s gonna be there, when he’s always gone?”

And that’s all a girl ever really needs.

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