Ray Fulcher Debuts Music Video For “I Got It All,” Co-Written By Morgan Wallen

If you’re a Luke Combs fan, Ray Fulcher has probably written your favorite song.

Born and raised in the small town of Harlem, Georgia, the songwriter was influenced by the likes of Alan Jackson, George Strait and Eric Church, and much like his country music heroes, he has a knack for writing monster hits. Most notably for Luke Combs.

He had a hand in writing eight of the songs on This One’s For You, including the number one single “When It Rains It Pours.” For Luke’s follow-up, sophomore album What You See is What You Get, he co-wrote eight more including three of his number ones: “Does To Me” ft. Eric Church, “Even Though I’m Leaving,” and “Lovin’ On You”.

He also co-wrote “Better Than Me” on Riley Green’s most recent If It Wasn’t for Trucks EP… not a bad track record, eh?

And while he cranks out hits, he’s also pursuing a career as a solo artist. Back in 2016, he released his Here We Go Again EP, followed by Somebody Like Me in 2019. He’s also released a few more singles along the way too, including my personal favorite, the standout single “Love Ya Son, Go Dawgs.” A tribute to his father and the bond they created talking football and watching the Georgia Bulldogs together, it’s one he actually didn’t write himself.

It’s clear he knows a good story when he hears it, but most of the time, you can count on him to be writing one. With another single out right now, “I Got It All,” (co-written by Morgan Wallen and Jonathan Singleton), he’s poised to make an even bigger leap as a recording artist this year.

He recently released the music video for his new single, “I Got It All,” a life lesson on the classic idiom, the “grass is always greener.”

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