Hey Austin, Texas… Here’s Some Fool-Proof Advice For Driving In The Snow

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Welp, if 2021 wasn’t already off to a bizarre start, it’s snowing in Austin, Texas, right now…

Growing up in the Midwest, snow ain’t nothing.

But in the South, or places where you don’t get much snow, a light dusting is enough to make all hell break loose. Hell, Nashville shuts down when it gets a quarter inch of snow; people lose their shit. SNOW DAY. People sledding on a dusting…

When I was growing up, we’d get 4 feet of snow, and no snow day in sight. Even if the only way to get to school is a snowmobile, no snow day. They didn’t give a fuck.

The South? Pure chaos when they see the white powder…

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Given the stress and panic Texans might face when hit with snow, let’s remember this great piece of advice from the news a couple years back…

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster oven

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A beer bottle on a dock