If You’re Still Sleeping On Muscadine Bloodline, It’s Time To Wake The Hell Up

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Muscadine Bloodline is on their way to doing more big things in 2021.

Composed of Charlie Muncaster and Gary Stanton, both Mobile, Alabama natives, Muscadine Bloodline managed to have a strong 2020 despite the less than ideal circumstances. The band released their first full length album back in September and it was without a doubt one of the best albums of the year. Burn It at Both Ends had all you could ever want in an album, from well-written lyrics, to tasty guitar licks, and even features great artists like BJ Barham of American Aquarium, Jordan Fletcher, Brent Cobb, and Adam Hood.

Muscadine Bloodline has also been a saving grace to fans throughout the tough year, releasing tons of music and social media content to get us through. Since March 23, 2020, they’ve released the album, the Turn Back Time EP, and a number of acoustic singles. Last spring during the peak of quarantine, they also released two more EPs called The Quarantine Work Tapes, Vol. 1 & 2. These quarantine tapes were made of songs they didn’t expect would ever make an actual album but still wanted fans to hear, like “God Made a College Town” and “Can’t Help But Fall in Love”

The band’s sound is one that should appeal to mainstream country fans, but also has enough of an alt-country, rock and roll vibe to appeal to the fans of independent, good country music as well. Muscadine Bloodline got their start playing alongside the likes of Luke Combs and Riley Green, but have also toured with Koe Wetzel and others on the Texas scene, proving just how versatile their music is.

Here are 10 of my favorite Muscadine Bloodline songs that any country music fan should check out.

10. “Here Goes Nothing” ft. Jordan Fletcher – Burn It at Both Ends (2020)

9. “Drunk Tattoo” – Burn It at Both Ends (2020)

8. “Porch Swing Angel” (2016)

There’s a reason this song is almost to 30 million streams on Spotify.

“Don’t you put on that make up, we ain’t going nowhere
Let’s just sit on this porch swing, we can take it from there
It’s the sound of the chain links as we rock ’til it’s night
And we can watch as the sunsets, in hopes of holding you tight.”

7. “After Midnight” – Burn It at Both Ends (2020)

6. “Movin’ On” – Movin’ On EP (2018)

5. “Burn It at Both Ends” – Burn It at Both Ends (2020)

4. “See You Tomorrow” – Burn It at Both Ends (2020)

With both Gary and Charlie getting married this past couple years, “See You Tomorrow” takes on a whole new meeting. Pretty cool they were able to use footage from Charlie’s wedding for the video too. Charlie wrote this one with the help of Jordan Rager.

3. “Put Me in My Place” (2019)

2. “Girl From Mississippi” (2019)

Stanton married a girl from Mississippi this past October, making this love song an authentic one. Life on the road is also a common theme in much of the band’s music, and this is a perfect example of how tough it can be for musicians to leave those they love to go out on tour.

1. “Ain’t Just the Van” ft. BJ Barham – Burn It at Both Ends (2020)

This is the best Muscadine Bloodline song yet. It gives the fans a much needed glimpse into the grind of life on the road, and gives everyone a new appreciation for what these artists do to bring us good music. Also doesn’t hurt to have BJ Barham on the track, the guy is a beast.

“Ain’t just the van that’s on the verge of breakin’ down
Ain’t just the tires gettin’ tired of burnin’ out
Busted strings and whiskey drinks
Are way past catching up to me
Ain’t just the van that’s on the verge of breakin’ down.”


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