The Rock Gifts Brand New Truck To Childhood Friend That Bought Him His First Car

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A class act through and through.

If you follow Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at all, you already know he’s one of the most humble dudes on planet Earth. He’s probably the biggest movie star in the world, definitely one of the richest, and spends most of his free time finding ways to help people out. Whether it’s family, friends, or a complete stranger.

This past Christmas, The Rock, AKA Dwanta Claus, gifted his old buddy Bruno a brand new truck, returning a favor that Bruno did for him years and years ago.

“Merry Christmas, Bruno  Love you, brother! 100% crackhead free. 

My life (especially my teenage years) has been full of the wildest twists and turns – yet God and the universe had always found a way to put a few people in my path that would change the trajectory of the road I was going down.

Meet one of my lifelong friends, Bruno Lauer — or I prefer to call him, “Downtown Bruno.” My mom and I were evicted off the island of Hawaii and I was sent to Nashville, Tennessee to live with my dad. When I landed in Nashville, I quickly found out I wasn’t gonna live with my dad. Shit happens, plans change and that’s the way it goes. Instead, I told I was gonna live with a guy named Bruno. Who at the time lived in a tiny room at a spot called the Alamo Plaza motel.

Bruno could’ve (and should’ve) said hell no, I’m not takin’ in some kid who I don’t know. But he didn’t. He took this punk kid in and we became lifelong friends. Then ironically – about 9 years later when I had the infamous “$7 Bucks” in my pocket – I started my wrestling career in Memphis, Tennessee and AGAIN – had no place to live and Bruno took me and let me shake up in his trailer, til I could get on my feet.

And hell, when I was 15yrs old, Bruno even gave me his last $40 bucks so I could hustle a crackhead out of his car one night at a honky tonk in Nashville. But the hustle was on me, because when I took off down the road there was a SECOND CRACKHEAD passed out on the floor in the back! Wild times at 15yrs old.

Merry Christmas, Bruno and since you helped me “buy” my first car – I figured I could return the favor and buy you one that 100% does NOT have a crackhead in the back seat.

I love you, brother. Your kindness and heart – helped change my life’s trajectory. And when you’re ready to retire from “the business” you just say the word. I got you covered. We’ll go “downtown.” Enjoy your new ride and give Walls, Mississippi my love and gratitude.”

Like, I said… class act.

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