Zach Bryan Performs New Song “Mine Again” Against Gorgeous Mountain Backdrop

Gotta love that mountain backdrop Zach is working with right there.

We’re fixin’ to get some of that around here too…

Anyways… back to Zach and this new gem.

Fresh off the release of his Quiet, Heavy Dreams EP, and he’s right back to cranking out more music. And this one in particular, titled “Mine Again,” is the kind of song that will hit home for anybody that’s ever wrestled with themselves.

“When someone’s looking in the mirror, they can realize that they can reclaim themselves. After the rough spots in life, they kinda just have to call themselves “theirs” again. No matter what, they can always go back to who they were.”

Well said. An encouraging reminder that you’re never too far gone.

Here’s a taste of the chorus:

“Mine again, my fondest friend where the hell you been
I’ve been struggling to get back to you.
If you fight all night I’m sure you’ll gain the guts to try
To get past the things that you’ve been through,
Cause no one plays the fool quite like you.”

Impressive as always.

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A beer bottle on a dock