Zach Bryan Puts The Focus On Storytelling With New ‘Quiet, Heavy Dreams’ EP

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They story of Zach Bryan continues to grow.

Teaming up with producer Eddie Spear (who has worked with Chris Stapleton, Brandi Carlile, Brent Cobb and more), Zach’s new EP Quiet, Heavy Dreams was recorded at Zach’s barn music studio in Washington State.

Featuring fan favorite “Traveling Man,” the eerie murder ballad “Birmingham” and more, the new EP showcases Zach’s compelling songwriting with the focus on story-driven songs.

I have some out-there songs, story songs. They resonate with me personally but when I’m singing them and hearing them it feels like I’m dreaming. Imagining the things for myself, and how the people in those stories all tie together. They all have something to say and someone to say it too. I wanted to put all of these very imagery-driven songs together.

The title track, ‘Quiet, Heavy Dreams’ is about a man (or woman’s) journey of trying to be or become who they truly want to be.”

Quiet, Heavy Dreams follows up his debut record DeAnn, which was dedicated to his late mother, and his sophomore record Elisabeth.

“Quiet, Heavy Dreams”

“Traveling Man”


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