Koe Wetzel: Texas Country Rock Star & Elementary School Role Model

A person playing a guitar

We’re all pretty pumped over the release Koe’s new album Sellout, but I would bet no one is more excited than the second graders at Bosqueville Elementary in Waco, Texas.

Back in March, Koe was invited to speak to the kids, answer some questions and play a few songs, which honestly is both really cool and really confusing. While he’s been known to do some charity work for underserved kids, he’s not exactly the stereotypical “role model” you’d expect to see in an elementary school. Remember the Great Texas Balloon Race…

On the other hand, any school with a “Come and Take It” flag hanging in their classroom isn’t afraid of making a statement, so maybe Koe is the right guy for the job.

Koe opened the show with “Tell It All Town” after making a comment about limiting his catalog for the audience, which got a good chuckle from the adults in the room, and bragging that he earned all his AR (Advanced Reading) Points in school.

Later on, Koe delivered a cover of the Vince Gill classic “When I Call Your Name.”

Not exactly what we’ve come to expect from Koe, but more than once he’s proved he knows his way around some classic country.

An all-time power move by Bosqueville Elementary and a moment these kids hopefully never forget.

Just when you think Texas can’t get any cooler…

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