A New Buzz Lightyear Movie Is In The Works WITHOUT Tim Allen… Twitter Erupts

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No Tim Allen? Tim Allen IS Buzz Lightyear.

According to Decider, Pixar is working on a new Buzz Lightyear film, a prequel that will detail the origin story of Buzz. However, Tim Allen will no longer play the voice of Buzz, but rather, Captain America himself, Chris Evans is set to handle the voice duties.

And needless to say, Twitter had some thoughts.

Some folks were pissed.

Others were happy.

Some speculated that it had to do with Allen’s support of Donald Trump in the previous election.

However, Chris Evans himself clarified the story. It’s not a replacement per se… it’s an origin story about the astronaut that the toy from Toy Story was based on.

So… I guess that makes more sense.

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