Comedian Discovers Koe Wetzel, AKA The “Macho Man Randy Savage Of Country Music”

This might be his best one yet.

Over the summer, comedian Josh Pray shared a series of videos discovering country artists like Luke CombsCody JinksRiley GreenTyler Childers and a ton more. More recently, he shared his take on Eric Church’s “Stick That In Your Country Song” and his discovery of the great Alan Jackson.

But now, he’s discovered the great Koe, or “Koe-y” as Josh calls him, Wetzel, AKA “the Macho Man Randy Savage of Country Music.”

“That man had on jorts, that man had on jean shorts. That cutoff at the bottom. That man had thighs of two thanksgiving turkeys, deep fried. That man is built like a wrestler, but that man has the voice of a white Luthor Vandross.”

“This is the not the concert that you want to send your woman alone to… she gonna come back and divorce you, ring is off, the tan that she left with is gonna be gone because he gonna make her sweat it out, sweat it out, sweat it out.”

“I wanna see K-Dub blow up. The man got the swagger of 13 shaved billy goats drinking coffee in Cuba.”

“This is country music’s Drake.”

Josh gets it.

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