Koe Wetzel’s “Lubbock” Is A Boot Stomping, Texas Country, Honky Tonk Jam

That’s some country shit right there.

Koe’s signature brand of alt-country, Texas punk rock, Gruene Hall grunge…. whatever you want to call it, it all goes out the window on “Lubbock.”

A full throttle, boot stomping, Texas country, honky tonk jam… it was actually written by Koe years and years ago when he was looking to write an old-school country jam for a record.

“There’s a bar we always play in Lubbock, it’s called the Blue Light. We kind of cut our teeth in Lubbock, and you know, that’s where Texas Tech is, and it’s out in the middle of nowhere. But we have a lot of good memories in Lubbock, especially on the come-up. And every time we go back, we feel at home in Lubbock.

So it was actually a song that I wrote back in like 2013 or ’14. We were kind of looking for a country-esque song to put on the record. It’s kind of like a boot-stomper, I guess you could say. And we came back on that song, but I couldn’t remember all the lyrics. So I had to rewrite like the second half of both verses on the song to fit the record.”

Koe told us on the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast that he’s going to do a full-blown country record when he turns 30, and if this doesn’t prove that he’s more than capable of smacking that out of the park, I don’t know what is.

Sellout is officially out everywhere… go get it.

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