Insane NYC Road Rage Fight Features Baseball Bats And A Guy Getting Run Over Through A Bakery

NYC…nowhere quite like it.

These road rage videos and Karen freak outs have helped make the internet tolerable in what’s been a nightmare of a year all the way around. As we count down the days to 2021, we have a contender for most surprising ending of a 10/10 road rage fiasco.

If you’re not familiar with how things sometimes go in cities like NYC (this particular video took place in Queens), I’ll fill you in. Yes, people will get into fist fights over parking spots. There’s overcrowding, stress, lose your mind levels of anxiety, and when the right combination of those things come to a head (ie, a parking spot), you get a viral video like this.


A baseball bat.

Cars as weapons.

People on hoods of cars.

LOTS of broken glass.

It has it all. The ending, however, is the HOLY SH*T moment you do not see coming, even with all the chaos.

According to Gothamist, Rainbow Bakery (celebrating its grand opening as the fight took place), was the damaged shop you’ll see at the end.

Buckle up for 67 seconds of crazy.

“Three women and a man were hospitalized with non life-threatening injuries, police said. Jie Zou (driving the car) was charged with assault and reckless endangerment. The passenger in his car, 35-year-old Jonathan Zhang, was also charged with assault.”

How there weren’t more serious injuries, I have no idea.

Road rage in Idaho is a little different.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock