Brittany Aldean: “Same People Counting COVID Cases Aren’t Counting Mail-In Ballots Are They?”

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What a week…

Politics has dominated the entire news cycle, and as the election still hangs in the balance, the conversations on social media are getting even more contentious. And while many artists like to keep their political beliefs private, many others are vocal about where they place their support.

And that includes the Aldeans.

On Instagram, Brittany recently revealed the Trump flag they have flying in the yard, and then followed it up with another story regarding the mail-in ballots. The comment on her story read:

“Same people counting the Corona cases aren’t counting the mail-in ballots are they? What a damn shame.”

When folks on Instagram asked if her stories implied that she was a Trump supporter, she replied in the affirmative.

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And naturally that sparked a backlash of comments on Instagram. She followed it up with a picture of her son Memphis and the caption: “Me too, Memphis… me too. How I feel watching this election.”

Which set off even more comments. One of which referenced Joe Biden and not being able to tour again until 2024:

That’s how we’ll be feeling if Biden wins cause we won’t have concerts till 2024.”

To which, Brittany replied:


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A beer bottle on a dock