Tennessee Titans Pay HOA Fine For Fan Who Refused Remove Yard Sign, Gave Him Even Bigger Sign

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It’s been a tough year for football fans.

A few months ago, there was serious doubt about whether there was going to be a football season at all. Now the season is in full swing, but games are played in mostly-empty stadiums as teams try to keep their fans safe in the light of the pandemic. With these limits on in-person attendance making it nearly impossible to get into the stadium on game day, fans have had to show their support for their team from home this year.

Until the Homeowners Association fines you for that too.

John Causley is a Tennessee Titans fan, just trying to show support for his team by putting a “Tennessee Tough” yard sign in front of his house. But Causley, who lives just outside of Nashville in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, was told by his HOA that he had to remove the sign.

What a bunch of buzzkills. With everything going on right now, they’re really going to tell a guy that he can’t have a little fun and put out a yard sign supporting his team? Especially when that team is 5-1 and the Ryan Tannehill-Derrick Henry tandem has the offense rolling.

How can you get mad at somebody wanting to show their support for this team? HOAs are the worst.

Luckily, the Titans had a little bit of a surprise for Causley.

Last week, the team sent in-game host Lance Smith, along with mascot T-Rac and the Titans cheerleaders, to deliver an even BIGGER sign to Causley’s front yard. And they also gave him a check to cover the fines from his HOA. Something tells me the HOA is probably going to regret making a big deal out of the smaller sign that he had before.

When asked whether he thought he would get in trouble for the bigger sign, Causley said “absolutely.” But now, he doesn’t have to worry about paying the fine.

Also, nice pumpkin.

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