Pennsylvania Dad Rigs Up Candy Catapult So Halloween Won’t Completely Suck This Year

There’s nothing quite like trick or treating as a kid.

You get to dress up with your friends in cool costumes, walk around your town, and collect free candy from complete strangers. It’s perfect Halloween fun. Unless you get the house that gives out pennies or pretzels… they’re the worst and they deserve to know it.

Anyway, due to COVID, this Halloween is going to be really different. The house-to-house trick or treating won’t be like how it normally is, and some neighborhoods are canceling the time-honored tradition all together. But this one family in York County, Pennsylvania had a genius idea that every family should get in on.

According to Fox 43, Vince Mak, the dad and designer of the “Candy-Pult,” says he knows kids have been through a lot this year and he wanted to give them something to smile about.

Just think… you’re walking down the street and bam, you got Reese’s flying at you. It’s every kids dream. You don’t even have to do any work ringing the bell, you just open your bag or pillow case and catch whatever comes your way.

Kudos to this guy for thinking outside the box and making Halloween fun for his local community. I know which house I’d want to hit up if I was a kid going trick or treating in York County this year.

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