Tyler Childers and Town Mountain’s Live Performance of “Down Low” At Red Rocks Is Your Weekend Hangover Cure

If this doesn’t cure what ails ya, there ain’t no fixin’ it.

I woke up this weekend with a headache after a few too many Jack and Cokes the night before. So after I took some Tylenol, I turned to the ol’ YouTubes to try to find something to cure my hangover.

And damn if this didn’t do the trick.

Last year, Tyler Childers played a sold-out show at Red Rocks that proved he’s one of the best in the business right now. But before his own set, he joined Town Mountain on stage to sing “Down Low,” a song that he co-wrote with Town Mountain banjo player Jesse Langlais.

The whole show is worth re-watching if you’re looking to get your fix of concerts while we’re waiting for them to come back, but if you’re looking for a quick cure for that weekend hangover, this performance of “Down Low” should do the trick.

You can thank me later.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock