Karen Spits On Guy Telling Her To Wear A Mask, Then Gets LAUNCHED Off City Bus

2020 has been the year of the Karen.

So many videos. So many wild encounters. So many people out there losing their minds.

Mask wearing, or lack thereof, has been a huge trigger point for many of these viral videos, and yes, we have another.

Let’s set this one up…

– The video focuses on one mask-less woman (in this case The “Karen”) riding a public bus

– We’re not sure where this takes place, but you can see everyone else in the video, on the bus, is wearing a mask

– A guy who is sitting down tells the woman standing up to wear a mask

– She becomes visibly annoyed, turns around, and spits in his face with force – she really dug deep

– Now is when things get even crazier – the guy shoves the woman out the open side door of the bus, sending her flying about 20 feet onto the sidewalk

– Another woman can be heard asking the guy who was spit on “OMG, what’s wrong with you?” as she leaves the bus to help the woman

On YouTube, almost all the comments, from men and women, are in support of the guy reacting the way he did for getting spit on.

Here it is – the world is a mess.

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