The Internet Is Divided (And Disgusted) Over A Viral TikTok Showing How KFC Gravy Is Made

This is why you never want to peek behind the curtain to see how your favorite food is made.

A viral video posted on TikTok gave us a look at how KFC makes their (delicious) gravy. And people have thoughts.

The video, posted by KFC employee @cheddar4.7, shows the process starting with a bucket of chicken crackling – the bits of chicken that fall off into the bottom of the fryer. Cheddar quickly assures us that it is not, in fact, a bucket of poo. But when you have to clarify that you’re not using literal shit in your food right off the bat, some people are probably going to be horrified regardless of what’s actually in the bucket.

Some are absolutely disgusted by the bucket of brown chicken bits, while many rightfully point out that, yeah, that’s how you make homemade gravy. It’s not just flour and water – you’ve got to have that grease and those chicken bits for flavor. Just like grandma used to make, right?

But anyway, KFC then adds water and seasoned flour to the bucket of chicken crackling, mixes it all up and cooks it in a glorified microwave. Once it’s cooked, you strain the chicken bits out and bada bing, you’ve got gravy.

Honestly, this all seems kinda normal to me. I’m actually surprised (and impressed) that they don’t just throw some flour and seasonings into water and call it gravy. Maybe it’s the southerner in me, but good gravy’s supposed to have some grease and some bits thrown in there for some flavor.

Sure, it looks a little gross when you’re making it, especially when you’re making it in big batches like KFC does. But would you rather have a flavorless gravy on your mashed potatoes? Of course not, you want some of those 17 herbs and spices (and that grease) to kick it up a notch.

Just like the Colonel would have done it.

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