Hunter Cleans A Turkey During Virtual Zoom Class & The Professor LOVES It: “You’ve Made My Semester”

‘Tis the season.

COVID or no COVID, class or no class… we got turkeys to hunt.

Northern Oklahoma College student Bryce Scroggins was right on time for his early-morning microbiology class earlier this year, and while he technically was listening to the lecture, he was a little bit preoccupied….

That’s when Professor Kurt Campbell interrupted the class to ask:

“Are you cleaning a turkey?”


And rather than a tongue-lashing from his professor about being a distraction to the learning process and a lecture about how education is the most important thing in the universe, he made Professor Campbell’s year.

“Outstanding… can you all see him clean this turkey? Are you just fillet it off the breast there?

“Yeah, fillet off the breast, I’m probably gonna take the legs too. It wasn’t real good timing… we killed him this morning and then I remembered that I had class.”

Bryce later admitted that his friend killed the turkey and he was just guiding the hunt, but either way, Lord knows how hard it is to learn something over a computer screen. You might as well get dinner ready while you’re doing it. And remember, we’re talking about biology class…. what’s more biological than cleaning a freshly-harvested turkey?

Gotta love it.

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