Texas Is The #1 State In The Country When It Comes To Celebrity PSAs – Strait, McConaughey, Cody Johnson & More

Matthew McConaughey, George Strait et al. are posing for a picture

Growing up in Illinois, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a Public Service Announcement in my entire life.

And if I have, it sucked. Even a quick Google search for “Illinois PSAs” yields nothing. It’s almost like they want this state to be awful…

Not Texas though. Nope, Texas loves Texas. Texas people love being from Texas and they love telling people how much they love being from Texas. Even the celebrities, and they have all the good ones, take time out of their busy days to remind people to keep Texas awesome. I’m actually jealous. I imagine it’s only a matter of time before new resident Joe Rogan starts shooting them too.

Exhibit A: George Strait

If you go see a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse, King George is there with a friendly reminder to shut your trap and turn off your phone during the movie. How great is that?

And then a few months back, he reminded folks to take care of each other during the pandemic with recommendations to stay distant, wash our hands and wear a mask in public places.

And of course, keeping Texas clean.

Exhibit B: Cody Johnson

A couple years back, Cody kindly asked Texans to do their part to conserve the state’s natural beauty with a new version of “Wild As You.”

Exhibit C: Matthew McConaughey

McConaughey might as well be the Governor of Texas, the Mayor of Austin and the Athletic Director at the University of Texas. The guy us just everywhere. On the sidelines at sporting events, playing bingo with the old folks in nursing homes, doing PSAs and pep talks to keep us healthy (and sane) during COVID, reminding Texans to preserve the environment, warning of human trafficking in Texas, driving Lincolns, making bourbon AND he teaches film at UT.

The man is a Texas hero.

Here’s one showing people how make their own mask.

One combating human trafficking in Texas, one of the more prevalent places in the United States.

And finally, his banned for being too violent “Don’t Mess With Texas” commercial encouraging people not to litter.

Not to mention Willie Nelson, Owen Wilson, Chuck Norris and a ton more.

Anyone else ready to move to Texas?

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