In Another Shocking 2020 Twist, Peyton Manning Has Six-Pack Abs

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Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Much like Coronavirus pandemic this year, nobody could’ve seen this coming…

Gun to my head, I would’ve never guessed Peyton Manning looked liked this under the jersey. I mean, the guy spent years trying to sell us Papa John’s Pizza, so much so that back in 2012 he became a franchisee in the Denver area, owning 32 locations.

The folks at TMZ have managed to obtain photos of the 44-year old future Hall of Famer on the beach in Miami recently, and big twist: the dude is pretty shredded.

I’m not sure why they snapped a pic of him holding his junk, but the abs are what’s important here.

Apparently, we’ve come a long way from the Nationwide chicken parm days…

And while we’re on it, how about a throwback to Peyton ripping shots with Michael Phelps and Eric Church during the epic Double Down Tour last year.

I miss concerts…

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