Strange Man Attacks Nashville News Crew Reporting In Front Of An Elementary School

What the hell?

News 4 Nashville was outside a school working on feature story about volunteers that were making masks for school children when a man approached them out of nowhere and immediately began assaulting them.

Wearing just socks on his feet and only uttering the phrase “I told you,” the unidentified man aggressively approached the camera man and wound up punching him square in the face before tripping over his own feet and falling down. The crew was able to get back in the car and leave before the situation escalated further.

Investigative reporter Caresse Jackman documented the incident:

“While shooting video for a feature story-a man from across the street kept looking our crew. We never said a word to him. I got out of the car to record. He started to approach me. My photog tried to get his attention so he wouldn’t come my way. The man then attacked us.”

She quickly grabbed her phone to capture the bizarre incident on camera.

“I grabbed my phone to document it and told the man to leave my colleague alone. The man then punched my coworker. We got away, went to a safe location to call our managers and also called police. We’re okay. If you’ve seen this man or know him–please call MNPD.”

Clearly there is more at play here, whether it’s a mental health issue, a drug/alcohol issue, or both, but still… pretty scary scene out there in front of an elementary school.

Police are still looking for the man.

Stay safe out there Nashville.

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