Eric Church’s 5 Most UNDERRATED Songs

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There’s no way to do this short list without pissing some folks off.

But don’t worry, it’s all good and that’s a product of the artist we speak of – Eric Church.

Unlike artists like Florida Georgia Line, Eric Church doesn’t put out songs just to chase a trend or cash a quick check. Eric’s artistry will last well after he’s done making music, unlike those other goobers I mentioned.

Like we often do here at the office, I put on the Eric Church catalog and never skipped a song, and it got me thinking.

How are so many of his deep cuts, unreleased stuff, and singles that never were better than anything you hear on mainstream radio? Because he cares about the album as a whole, the art, the fans, and country music.

So, my personal opinion (and debate is welcome), on Eric Church’s 5 most UNDERRATED songs.

5. “Lightning”

4. “Where She Told Me To Go”

3. “Knives Of New Orleans”

2. “Livin’ Part Of Life”

1. “Chattanooga Lucy”

This list will be updated after the next album, or should I say double album…

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