Army Veteran Is Being Fined $50 A Day For Flying American Flag In Backyard

A flag and a bird on a pole in a garden

Another day, another HOA getting bent out of shape over an American flag.

According to ABC 6, a Delaware man is being fined $50 bucks a day over the American flag he has flying in his back yard. Richard Killingsworth, an Army veteran, says his HOA has also threated to put a lien on his house if the flag, which is only 3 feet by 5 feet, doesn’t come down.

“I take great pride in seeing that when I walk back door every day… Why push an argument over a national symbol when it’s in someone’s private backyard that only adds to the community?”

Killingsworth’s attorney says the flag is well within the state limits which are 3 feet by 5 feet and no more than 25 feet tall. Killingsworth’s flag stands at only 13 feet.

“The state law could not be more clear with respect to his right to fly the national flag. It is under the requirement under state law. If it keeps being pushed further we’re going to have to seek an injunction in court.”

This isn’t the first time Killingsworth has tangled with his HOA.

They wanted his bronze eagle sculpture to be taken down as well, a battle they lost a few years ago.

HOAs man… does anybody actually like theirs? I’m curious.

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