CNN Reporter Fends Off Raccoons While Reporting From the White House

A raccoon and a person looking at each other

What else would you expect from 2020?

We’ve had a worldwide pandemic, murder hornets, riots…might as well add a raccoon invasion at the White House to the list.

CNN reporter Joe Johns was doing a live shot from the White House this morning when he had some invading raccoons try to attack him during his report. Johns handled the disruption like a pro, hurling some sort of box at the raccoons to shoo them away before seamlessly transitioning into his on-air report.

This isn’t the first time raccoons have harassed the media while they were reporting from the White House.

Just a few weeks ago, CBS correspondent Paula Reid also had a run-in with the masked invaders, tweeting that the raccoons had (allegedly) grabbed the pant leg of several members of the media before being fended off.

Honestly at this point in 2020, attack raccoons are probably the least of our worries.

I mean, at least they were wearing their mask…

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