Some Carrie Underwood Fans Are Angry She Wore A Mask To Target

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If you’re ready for Christmas, Carrie Underwood has you covered.

The superstar just released her Christmas album, My Gift, and she followed her tradition of buying a physical copy at Target to celebrate.

And that’s when shit hit the fan in her comments section on Instagram and beyond.

Here was the photo…

“As per tradition, had to go buy the CD at the store! As not per tradition, I had to wear a mask! I promise I’m smiling, though! @Target #2020Man #MyGift 🎁✨”

As you’d expect given the current political climate, many fans chimed in with their opinion on Carrie wearing a mask to Target…

– “I don’t wear mine to Target and neither do the employees. So happy to live in a Red state 💞”

– “Why did you have to wear a mask? Football players and politicians don’t. You aren’t special and iconic enough to express your civil liberties?”

– “Please take the mask off! I have NOT worn one a single day.”

– “Please take off that ridiculous mask”

– “You don’t have to wear a mask! It’s not a law!”

You get the idea.

Of course, many others appreciated that she wore a mask, posting comments that thanked her for “setting an example.”

Carrie is going to get all kinds of weirdos coming up to her at a Target, so wearing a mask helps alleviate some pressure of getting up close with strangers during the times but also adds some privacy for a quick shop.

Can we just appreciate a celebrity and artist of Carrie’s stature shopping at Target? I dig it.

2020 keeps on keepin’ on.

Carrie Underwood – “Little Drummer Boy”

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