LSU Fan Throws His Drink At TV After Tigers Suffer Upset Loss To Mississippi State

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Missin’ Joe Burrow already eh?

The LSU Tigers kicked off their season against Mike Leach and the Mississippi State Bulldogs yesterday, and to say it could’ve gone better would be an understatement.

Led by quarterback K.J. Costello, who set the SEC Single-Game Passing Record with 623 yards on his way to 5 touchdowns, MSU put a shocking beat down on the defending champs.

And at the end of the day, Coach O took responsibility for the loss:

“I told them, ‘Put it on me,’” Orgeron said. “When they win, I give them the credit. When they don’t, I got to take the blame. I have to coach better. I asked everyone to look at themselves in the mirror. See what we’re doing. Let’s get better. Let’s stick together as a football team. We still have a lot of football left.”

Sounds good coach, maybe tell that to this kid…

The TV looked like it was already on the fritz, but either way, something tells me this dude won’t be welcomed back to this bar after a stunt like that. The girl also doesn’t seem fazed by this childish hissy fit at all, they must make quite the couple…

And to top it off, that throw? Bruh…

Then again, you could be a Falcons fan…

And how about Mike Leach in the postgame?

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A beer bottle on a dock