Brothers Osborne Rock Out At-Home Performance Of Lead Single “All Night”

A cassette tape?

I legit didn’t know you could still even use one of those, but nevertheless, Brothers Osborne brought their band on one for a performance of their new single “All Night.”

“We’re in John’s living room right now here in Nashville, Tennessee, but we did bring our band, we put ’em on cassette tape.”

Virtually stopping by the Ellen DeGeneres Show last week, TJ and John did what they do best and rocked out the lead single from their upcoming album Skeletons.

“We love to write very heartfelt, deep songs, but every now and again you need a song that’s just about having a good time and partying and letting your hair down and not overthinking it… And that’s the song I feel like the world could probably need right about now with all the stress and quarantine that we’re going through, so put on your dancing boots, crank this one up and commence to dancin’.”

Skeletons, featuring the newly released title track, the lead single “All Night,” “Hatin’ Somebody,” and my personal favorite, “I’m Not For Everyone” is set to hit shelves on October 9th.

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