3,000 HP Diesel Truck Literally Explodes In Dyno Competition


According to The Drivefolks in Ogden, Utah, gathered for the Weekend on the Edge Dyno competition this past Saturday. Long story short, the competition was basically uses a dynamometer to find the most powerful diesel truck. If you’re into souped up trucks, this is your kind of party.

Unfortunately for one diesel Ram, they gave it more than it could handle.

“We went from celebrating a clean pass at 2920 and our 48re holding up on the highest horsepower record on a chassis dyno for a diesel to watching a worst case scenario we are so grateful everyone was ok through all this.”

Crew acted fast to get the fire put out, but there wasn’t much left of the front-end by that point.

Also, the driver and passenger only suffered some minor burns, but were otherwise uninjured.


Here’s another angle.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock