Taco Bell Launches Their Own Red Wine, The “Jalapeño Noir”

A bottle of wine next to a burger on a plate

Taco Bell only brought more pain and heartache into the world this year when they recently announced that they would be severely downsizing their menu, including the beloved Mexican pizza, but they might’ve just made up for it.

According to Food & Wine, Taco Bell is getting into the wine business, and I’m not talking about their booze-slinging Cantina locations, I’m talking about producing their own.

More specifically, their own red wine, affectionately named “Jalapeño Noir.”

Kinda genius….

Their new pinot, coming in somewhere around $20 bucks a bottle, is made by Queenston Mile Vineyard in the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario, Canada, an area that has really been ramping up their wine production as of late.

“Wine and cheese are simply meant to be together, so launching a new wine to go with the craveable, cheddary Toasted Cheesy Chalupa made perfect sense,” says Kat Garcia, the director of brand marketing. “At Taco Bell Canada, we love to raise our glass to big, bold ideas that elevate our menu items, and pairing our Toasted Cheesy Chalupa with this Jalapeno Noir is no exception.”

As of right now, Taco Bell’s Jalapeño Noir is only available in Canada, but it’s gotta be a matter of time before they bring it stateside. The Toasted Cheesy Chalupa is making its way here in November so the wine should hopefully be right behind it.

Fingers crossed.

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