Morgan Wallen Tells Story About Punching Somebody In The Face On Jason Aldean’s Tour

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By his own admission, Morgan Wallen is building himself quite the reputation.

A reputation of being a bit of a wild card…

Of course, everybody remembers his arrest at Kid Rock’s bar in Nashville, and the time he let Hardy drunkenly pierce his ear with a guitar string, but you probably didn’t hear about the time he punched somebody in the face on tour with Jason Aldean did you?

Me neither, but he told the story on an episode of his Happy Hour Radio recently.

“He asked me to come play about 25-30 shows with him to start the year this year, and that was obviously a dream come true.”

Sounds like a good time… but then this happened.

“Man… I think I think I’ve kinda built a reputation for myself for kinda being a little bit wild. You know I’ve built it honestly, it’s not been something that I’ve had to lie about or anything like that, so I guess I’ll tell you a story about being on tour with Jason at the beginning of the year…

I actually punched somebody in the face during the tour, and let’s go ahead and not get any legal action involved because it’s all been taken care of now, and it was all really a large misunderstanding. But Jason was the guy who defused the whole situation and kinda has treated me like a little brother through the whole thing… I really appreciate that about Jason.”

Luckily, he was there and kinda had my back, but me and the victim of the case and Jason, we’re all still friends.”

No harm no foul, eh?

Although, you can’t rock that mullet and cut the sleeves off every shirt you own and NOT get in a little trouble every once in a while. You gotta walk the walk if you’re gonna dress like that.

And speaking of Aldean, here’s Morgan covering Jason’s “Water Tower,” one of the more underrated songs in his entire catalog.

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