Texas Tech Girl Goes Viral Admitting She Has Coronavirus At Party: “Yes, I F*cking Have COVID, The Whole F*cking World Has COVID”

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Everything’s bigger in Texas… including their COVID parties.

It’s no secret that colleges and universities across the country are racking their brains trying to handle this Coronavirus problem. Some schools are even testing students shit in the sewage systems for a COVID presence… nothing is off the table here. But aside from battling the actual disease itself, schools might even have a bigger fight on their hands.

The fight against dumbass college kids….

An alleged Texas Tech student is going viral right now for all the wrong reasons after a video of her was shared admitting that she had tested positive and didn’t give a shit. She was still gonna party…

“Everyone’s like ‘Kaylee don’t you have COVID, like don’t you literally have COVID?’ Yes, I fucking have COVID, the whole fucking world has COVID, all of these people have COVID. So stop getting on my tip, Like I’m having a good time. Thank you.”

Ok first, what the hell does “stop getting on my tip” mean? I swear to God I’ve never heard that in my life.

But also, how can you possibly be this stupid?

I get it… you want to party, you want to get drunk, and back when I was in college (and for a few years after it) that’s pretty much all I did too, but infecting all of your friends, who are going to be forced to go home when school is inevitably closed down in a few weeks, isn’t going to be fun. You think people are “on your tip” now, just wait until you kill their grandpas. Plus, you’re probably going to get suspended or expelled now that the whole world knows you’re an asshat.

Just wait until the Dean finds out…



According to TMZ, she has since resigned from her sorority. A spokesperson for the sorority released the following statement:

“The behavior in that video is appalling. When chapter leadership learned of this member’s behavior, the chapter immediately initiated judicial proceedings. The member has since chosen to resign outright.”

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