Randy Travis Finishes “Forever and Ever, Amen” With The Final “Amen” Alongside Josh Turner AND HOLY CHILLS

Josh Turner talking to another man

If I had to make a guess, I’d say “Forever and Ever, Amen” is easily one of the most listened to songs of my life.

From childhood, to this day, it’s one of those I could never get sick of, and I never will.

When I saw what Josh Turner was doing with his Country State of Mind record I got really excited for a bunch of reasons. To start, Josh Turner has always been one of my favorite country voices, and he’s one of the best voices in the genre past or present if you ask me. It’s a once in a lifetime kind of voice when that dude sings.

Not only that, but he honors the legends before him with the utmost class and sincerity. And of course, he brings that incredible voice to these classic songs, taking something from years past, and pushing it back into your speakers today.

That brings us to Josh Turner’s flawless cover of “Forever and Ever, Amen” which features the great Randy Travis right at the very end – it’s a beautiful touch.

The two sat down for an acoustic performance Randy shared on TikTok (yes, Randy is on TikTok, how badass), and Randy finished the song with the last “Amen.”

If this doesn’t give you chills, you aren’t human.

Story behind the song.

Full version.

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