Koe Wetzel Says New Album Is “‘Bout Done,” Continues To Be The Best Tweeter Of 2020

Koe Wetzel/Instagram

There is some good news to report.

Koe Wetzel just tweeted that his highly-anticipated new album is just about done.

Koe recently was on our podcast, Whiskey Riff Raff, and was still trying to figure out the album’s title. These were the names he was kickin’ around..

1. Pop Country Trash

(The leading contender)

2. My Music’s Fucking Shit, Throw Me In A Garbage Can

3. Does This Sound Like George Jones To You?

(here’s the podcast video – we had a bunch of connection issues with Koe driving through Oklahoma, but we’ll do another one soon)

On that same podcast, Koe mentioned that when he turns 30, he’ll record a real deal country record. Can’t wait for that.

Now, onto Koe’s tweets which are single-handedly saving 2020.

Nobody does it quite like him.

“Sundy or Mundy”

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock