“You’re F*cking Brutal” – Nationals Pitcher Stephen Strasburg Ejected… From The Stands

Nothing beats a day at the ol’ ballpark… even an empty one.

And for Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg, who if he isn’t on the mound is usually on the bench with the rest of the team, decided to take in the action from the stands today. Section 121 of Citi Field to be exact. And just like a regular fan… he got into some old fashioned umpire heckling.

After a couple of close pitches from teammate Austin Voth in the bottom of the 3rd, Strasburg let out a “you’re fucking brutal,” which just so happened to catch the ears of home plate umpire Carlos Torres (not exactly a lot of competing noise when you’re the only fan in the stadium).

But just like that Strasburg’s day was done…

After a bit of confusion, Strasburg got up, tipped his cap to the ump, and made his way back to the clubhouse.

If you had pitcher getting ejected from the stands on your 2020 MLB bingo card…. congrats.

Reminds me of that time the Cubs “music guy” got tossed for playing “Three Blind Mice.”

Isn’t it great to have baseball back?

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