Wannabe Tough Guy Attacks Hotel Employee Over Temperature Check, Gets The Tar Beat Out Of Him

A man standing at a desk

There’s something about the swift fist of justice that just makes you smile your biggest smile.

Like when this would-be hotel guest threw an absolute fit about getting his temperature checked before entering the hotel. After all, there’s this little global pandemic going around and temperature checks have become pretty routine. Hell, I got my head scanned to get a cheeseburger the other day.

Anyways, tough guy almost leaves, but then has a sudden change of heart, goes full psycho and start picking up things to throw at our EXTREMELY patient hotel employee.

He takes a stanchion to the chest (ouch), a whole bottle of sanitizer to the ribs (again, ouch), and finally, would-be guest decides it’s time to drop the gloves and chuck knucks, you know… really see what hotel clerks are made of these days.


Hotel guy takes a page out of the ol’ Bob Probert playbook, pulls the jacket over the head and rains down some vicious rights upside his head. His girl walks in (in no hurry whatsoever) and gets the guy out of there before his face can get rearranged completely.

Like I said, the swift fist of justice.


A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock