Nashville Strip Club Wants You To Know They’re Open: “We Will Show You Everything Except Our Mouth”

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Deja Vu Nashville

Good God… Nashville is going to be shut down forever at this rate.

Bars are closed, musicians are out of work, party buses and pedal taverns are parked, and the Grand Ole Opry has been without an audience for months. But hey, at least Nashville is keeping the strip club industry going strong, despite the pandemic.

And according to the sign outside of Déjà Vu Showgirls in midtown Nashville, they’ll “show you everything except our mouths.”

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A strip club is one of the least sanitary places that I can think of even when we’re not in the middle of a global pandemic. Even in the best of times, if you go in a strip club, you know you’re rolling the dice with your health. I mean, forget COVID – who knows what all you’re catching in there when you’re drunk at 2 AM and Cinnamon starts rubbing her ass cheeks on your face.

I mean, strip clubs have to be ground zero for this virus, right? Some horny dude gets a lap dance from a nice young lady wearing nothing but a mask and two weeks later, boom, grandpa’s in A LOT of danger. What do strip clubs thrive on? Close contact. What are we supposed to be avoiding right now? Close contact. It’s not rocket science…

And of course the glaring issue here is the insane double standard we’ve got by allowing strip clubs to stay open while shutting down bars and restaurants.

Musicians and bartenders who work on lower Broadway have been out of work for months now – and they perform from a stage, fully clothed, and they’re definitely not trying to rub their ass on you for tips. So tell me what’s safer… sitting down at a properly distanced table, having a drink and listening to live music in a bar, or going to the local titty bar and having a stripper grind all over you after she’s done the same thing to 50 other guys that day?

As one Nashville-area songwriter put it:

“Can someone please explain to me how you can go get a lap dance at a strip club in Nashville, yet no live music, bars are shut down and alcohol can not be sold after 10. If it wasn’t so sad it would be comical. Mayor John Cooper is a clown.”

I mean, good for Déjà Vu for encouraging people to wear masks. But if we’re supposed to be avoiding close contact and practicing good hygiene right now, I think that strip clubs would be the last place you’d want to be.

Sorry Nashville, but it doesn’t look like this pandemic is going away anytime soon…

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