Best News of 2020: Busch Latte HAS RETURNED

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Welp, this summer is in the books if you ask me.

A whole lot of nothing happened, so it’s on to fall. As we all pray to the football gods for a football season in both college and the NFL, it’s time to start thinking about the drink of choice this autumn.

Like every year, there is only one right answer if you ask me – Busch Latte.

The Busch Latte cans are officially back, as Busch Beer just announced today on Twitter.

It’s never too early to throw on that hoodie and tailgate by yourself in the backyard, all while pretending everything is normal in the world. Drink a couple 30 Lattes and you’ll forget everything has gone to complete shit out there.

These beauties are back nationwide.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock