Annual “White Trash Bash” Draws Over 500 People To Illinois River… We’re Doomed

Global pandemic? Psh…

This past weekend over 200 boats with roughly 500 people showed up to the 10th Annual White Trash Bash on the Illinois River this past weekend.

And according to CI Proud, Fon du Lac Park District director Mike Johnson says there isn’t much they can do about it:

“We encourage them to practice social distancing. I don’t know how likely that’s going to be in this environment… This isn’t a sanctioned event. We started having law enforcement present about five years ago because we will get a lot of fights on the beach. It’s the perfect element for a problem, you’ve got beautiful weather, a lot of alcohol and anywhere from 600-1000 people.”

And not a mask in sight…

When party goer Daniel Murphy was asked about attending the event, he was more than excited:

“I’m just ready to tear it down… I thought we were going fishing, but I guess we’re going there. It’s going be a good time hanging with friends, having a good time.”

Is Murphy concerned about catching and spreading The Rona? Welp, they asked and it was a resounding nah…

“Definitely not… Not at all.”

Just brilliant.

You wanna know why we’re so far behind Europe and Japan when it comes to dealing with this virus… this is why.

We’re doomed.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock