Eric Church Officially Reveals His Special Edition Jack Daniel’s Bottle In New Video

Good God, that’s a beautiful bottle of whiskey right there.

Back in April, we got wind of a brand new, Eric Church signature bottle of Single Barrel Jack Daniel’s that was going to hit the market this summer, and needless to say, it sent Chief fans into a frenzy. And then last week, they started hitting shelves and we saw die-hards driving halfway across the country looking for them, asking friends to ship the a bottle… doing whatever they can to get their hands on one of these works of art.

And now today, Jack Daniel’s and Eric Church have officially revealed this year’s new collaboration. Eric shared his thoughts on his longtime love for Jack Daniel’s:

“My love for Jack Daniel’s is for the whiskey but it’s also about a can-do, small town attitude, where community, loyalty and hard work are the qualities the crafters of this American icon hang their hats. I’m honored to have my own special release of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel. Whether we raise a glass at a table with a handful of our friends or from a stage with thousands, let’s raise our glass high. Cause that’s where it belongs.” 

Eric worked alongside Master Distiller Jeff Arnett to personally select a limited number of barrels from the top floor of a warehouse. Each barrel offers a “significant depth of aroma ranging from sweet vanilla and caramel to toasted and charred oak.” And at 94 proof (47% alcohol), you’re a little extra kick compared to the standard Old No. 7.

“This special whiskey is reflective of Eric himself – bold, rich in character, forward and something that can be enjoyed by those with a taste for a well-rounded whiskey and a unique and memorable sipping experience,” added Arnett.

Well said Jeff, well said.

It’s almost too pretty to drink…

I said, “almost.”

Call up your local liquor store folks… these bad boys are going FLY off the shelf.

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