Nashville Shuts Down Pedal Taverns & Other “Transportainment” Vehicles Through the End of July

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The woo-girls aren’t going to like this one.

Nashville has been struggling in recent weeks to deal with rising COVID cases. At the beginning of the month, the city ordered all bars to close for 15 days, and has since extended that order through July 31. And today, the city is closing another form of entertainment in an effort to slow the spread: Pedal taverns.

If you’ve been to Nashville in the past few years, you’ve seen the wide variety of “transportainment” vehicles that cruise through downtown on a daily basis. There’s everything from pedal taverns to tractor wagons and buses to hot tubs on wheels. These vehicles are hugely popular with tourist groups, but in recent days have come under fire for operating as usual despite limits on bars and restaurants.

Well it looks like that’s coming to an end, at least for the pedal taverns.

According to the Fox Nashville, the city issued an order shutting them down through July 31. The order, which went into effect at 12:01 AM today, includes not only the pedal taverns, but also pedicabs and limousines too. Other “transportainment” vehicles, such as party buses, however, do not fall under the city’s jurisdiction and will be allowed to continue to operate.

While locals are probably happy about getting the pedal taverns off the streets (everybody who lives here pretty much hates these vehicles anyway), the abrupt closure is sure to put a damper on any bachelorette parties or groups who were already scrambling to find things to do in a city where most venues are shut down.

My advice for anybody still planning on coming to Nashville in July, whether it’s for a bachelorette party or just a vacation: Reschedule for another time. There’s not much left to do, and the few places that are open are impossible to get into with crowds of people scrambling for last-minute plans.

Oh, and there’s that whole “global pandemic” thing too.

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Oh how we’ve missed our bachelorettes 😍

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